Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Initial Observations of China

So many cameras, seen on buses, streets, hotels, stores, underground metros…

Scanning devices are also typical to enter metro and bus stations, just like airports.

Babies and children pee on the streets; this is facilitated by slits in their pants and no diapers, baby butts everywhere!

Street signs and businesses are mostly labeled in Chinese characters as well as English.

On the whole, the Chinese don’t have butts; their only cheeks are on their face.

The Chinese equivalent of “um” it sounds like the n-word. That made me feel quite uncomfortable and confused.

People did not stare at foreigners as much as I had prepared myself for. They will smile and nod in return, but overall are pretty reserved.

Noticeably few pregnant woman and children in Shanghai. They must pay extra for multiple children, but not twins.

There are high rise buildings and apartments EVERYWHERE!!!!! More than in any country I have ever seen.

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