Friday, September 2, 2011

A Whirlwind Summer, Returning Home

Summer started with a super fun road trip back to Baltimore from Austin with Lia, a close friend from my grad program at UT. Our main goals were to discover the Southeast and do as much swimming as we could. Our trail:

Day 1: Drove from Austin to Lia’s friends place in the lower 9th ward of New

Orleans, LA

Day 2 : Mobile, Alabama to swim in a river in the state park shared seafood and

Soulfood at Cozy Brown’s Kitchen

Swam in the ocean off of Destin Beach, FLA

Camped on the Sewanee River, panhandle FLA

Day 3: Attempted to kayak in Okeefenokee State Park, GA, but it had been on fire for over a month,

so we adjusted plans

Drove to Jekyll Island, GA. We found a small nature trail that lead to a deserted beach inhabited by brown pelicans, then we discovered a sunken ship!

Next stop that day was Savannah, Georgia. We walked around town, had

coffee at a great spot that a friend Anis suggested and took in

the beautiful colonial architecture and Spanish moss covered trees.

Arrived late at my great and old friend Kristen’s in Columbia, SC

Day 4: Marveled at Kristen’s creativity, she had an extensive collection of her

artwork and crafts. She is super talented!

Rode bikes throughout Columbia and had an awesome tour of a park where

Kristen had worked, saw lots of wildlife including a soft shelled turtle!

Slept that night at my cousin Dieter’s house at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg

Day 5: Left early the next morning to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway (a beautiful welcome home!)

Dropped Lia off outside DC to catch a metro to visit with her friend

Arrived in Baltimore just in time to get fingerprinted for a job that started the following Monday!

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